What Does It Mean To “Serve”?

Part of the Northminster Presbyterian Church mission is to Serve All With Love.  To do this, the SERVE Ministry Team does the following:

  • Plans ways to serve others.
  • Identifies special mission programs to be supported by NPC.
  • Enlists financial and personal support for mission projects.
  • Visits hospitalized members.
  • Assists families with necessary funeral arrangements.
  • Provides opportunities for all to receive evangelism training.
  • Is involved with “every member” visitations.

Shared Blessings at Northminster Presbyterian Church

Members of Northminster Presbyterian Church are reaching out and providing several items to individuals and families in the community to help them during difficult times due to the economy, poor health and unforeseen emergencies. These items include: toilet paper, diapers/baby wipes, detergent. Distribution of these items is on the first Tuesday from 1:30 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. and on the third Tuesday from 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. in the church’s Founders Hall. Please enter through the north doors of the church.

Regarding winter weather:  IF AMES SCHOOLS cancels school, there will be NO AFTERNOON or EVENING Shared Blessings.  IF AMES SCHOOLS dismiss early, there will be NO AFTERNOON or EVENING Shared Blessings.

First Tuesday of the month
1:30 – 3:00 p.m.

Third Tuesday of the month
6:30 – 8:00 p.m.

Every first and third Tuesdays of the month, Northminster Presbyterian Church will distribute the following items to members of the community to help them during difficult times:

  • toilet paper
  • diapers
  • baby wipes
  • detergent

Distribution of these items will be in the church’s north sanctuary. If you would like to receive these items, please enter through the North door of the church.

Please consider donating items for this cause. We need all sizes of diapers. We are also in need of detergent, baby wipes, and toilet paper.

Mission Projects at home and abroad

Haiti School Project — Each year gifts are collected to send to with one of our congregants to an elementary school in Haiti. Children who seldom receive more than the bare minimum are thrilled to know that Christian friends in Iowa are reaching out to give them some joy at Christmas and and prayers throughout the year.

REACH — Junior and Senior high youth volunteer their time and talents to serve those needing to be safe and warm in a depressed community in the US. Our youth have served in Michigan (2X), Arkansas, Tennessee, and Ohio. The ‘neighbors’ they help are overwhelmed by the love of Jesus which is manifest in these young people who have come to help them. The neighbors receive not only a new roof, handicap ramp, fresh paint, repaired floors, and other home repairs but they also receive the knowledge that God has not forgotten them as his love shines through these youth. .

Homebound Members

To remain connected to our Sunday worship, the Pastor’s sermons are recorded and posted for those who cannot attend service but wish to receive the weekly message. We believe it is important to have continued fellowship with those in our church who have been faithful servants for Christ for many years. As a congregation we share our concerns and prayers for our members who are homebound and their caregivers. Many of our members are dedicated to visiting and contacting our long time friends who are no longer able to attend services at Northminster.

Noisy Coin Offering

One Sunday each month our children collect a special “Noisy Coin Offering”. Our congregation loves this special part of the service as we watch our youngest children walk up and down the rows with the old style metal coffee cans. Members fish coins out of their pockets and purses and drop them loudly into the cans as our children learn the importance of giving to others.

Each month a different organization or group is given what is collected by the children. As do we, the children learn about giving to others and how big those small gifts mean to those in need.

Congregational Care

New babies, changing jobs, new homes, loss of a loved one, and unexpected health concerns can leave one feeling overwhelmed. We as a congregation, through our prayers, cards, meals, and support are willing to help our brothers and sisters through these life events.  It is with joy these small acts are given and with joy they are received.

Northminster Presbyterian Church Scholarship

Each year the Serve Team at Northminster awards scholarship(s) for post high school education. The scholarship may be awarded to a high school graduating senior who was enrolled in a public high school and/or to a student who is enrolled in a college of higher learning. A college of higher learning may include a four-year college or graduate school, a two-year community college, or a trade school. Click the links below for more information.
Scholarship Amount: $400 – $1000, depending on the funds available

Current Serve Projects

Local Mission projects Northminster Presbyterian Church is currently involved with are:

  • Bethesda Food Pantry – distributes food at site
  • Boys & Girls Club
  • Good Neighbor Emergency Assistance
  • Emergency Residence Project
  • Ames Ecumenical Housing
  • MICA
  • Heartland Senior Services
  • People Place
  • Food at First
  • United Way (support for the Backpack Buddies program at Mitchell, Meeker & Edwards Schools)
  • Birthday Bags – for children–provided during Shared Blessings distribution hours-includes cake mix, frosting, plates, napkins, candles, party favors, etc.
  • Noisy Coin – 2 cents a meal collected by children at worship once a month, to help provide food for others
  • and others!

Other Highlights

  • AMEN  (“All Messages Express NPC’s Care”) Cards are sent to those who are hospitalized, shut-ins, those who need a cheering up, sympathy, etc.
  • The Congregational Care Team calls on those needing visits from members of Northminster Presbyterian.
  • Members visit congregational members who are hospitalized and provide meals to them as necessary.

If you would like to contact the SERVE Ministry Team, please email us at and put SERVE in your subject line.