High School – Ages 15-18

High School 2018-19 (Ages 15-18)

This year our high-schoolers are going through “Echo the Story”, a re-imagined look at God’s overarching redemptive plot to get his people back on track. Each week they experience a ‘familiar’ Bible story, but are asked to approach it in a different way: allowing their imaginations to run free. Each session starts with an introductory video, after which youth will be able to listen and take notes on the story read aloud, and then retell it in their own way using the provided drawing or creative writing activities. Afterwards, youth can share their ideas in a though provoking discussion that encourages them to ask questions and wonder about the story.Each student will receive a Sketch Journal that is theirs to make their own and read through; it also provides two pages per session that are filled with activities for them to take home and continue their learning.

Goals for this class

Allow older students to fall back in love with the same stories they’ve heard since they were children,or if they are new to the Bible, a way for them to access these stories and encourage asking questions,confidence in telling these stories, finding ways for these stories to impact their daily lives.

Class Time

Library, Sunday School Hour: 11:00 am –12:00 pm after worship.