Small Groups

If you’d like more information on when or where a specific group is meeting next, or who to contact for more information about a group, please contact the church office at or 515-233-2540.


Dinner Groups

These groups plan to meet once a month at a different location organized by a different host. You can meet at someone’s home, at a restaurant, a park, a coffee shop or anywhere else creative to share a meal.


Walking Group

From the list of participants, you can call a walking friend, invite a neighbor or take off on your own. You can make it a long, short, or in-between walk. Goal setting is encouraged!


Bikers Group

From this list, you can call a biking friend, invite a neighbor or take off on your own. You can make it a long, short, or in-between trek. Goal setting is encouraged!


Movie Goers Group

Everyone has a favorite movie. Set up a movie room at church, meet at the theater, the library, or even an in-home showing. The Host movie selector can make that decision and notify the others of where and when.


Golfers Group

From this list, you can call a golfing partner and maybe invite a neighbor!


Crafters Group

This group will pick a day and load up with ideas and themes for the group to consider.


Bowlers Group

Pick a day and time to meet for a fun filled time of strikes and hopefully not gutter balls!


Chefs Group

With so many good cooks in the bunch, pass around some menus and meet at the church or in someone’s home to try some fun new recipes


Small Group Bible Study

One person from each group will be a facilitator to start the process. That person need not be the leader but would be a contact to help decide when and what Bible book or topic to study. With this list and the various schedules it will be up to the group as to when and what works best. Pastor Jim would be happy to help with topics, books and curriculum if needed. You are welcome to meet at church or someone’s home. It will be up to the group to decide. God Bless your studies!


Evening Women’s book Club

For the ladies! This group meets once a week to study a book chosen by the group.


Evening Men’s Book Club

For the men! This group also reads books chosen by their members.


Goin’ Like 60’s!

Goin’ Like 60’s is a group of church members from all walks of life who gather regularly to celebrate retirement, support one another, and enjoy table fellowship.