Baptism is a sacrament that unites us with Jesus Christ and makes us members of God’s family, the Church.  Through the power of the Holy Spirit Baptism: Initiates us into the church, assures us that God forgives sins, bestows the promise of God’s grace upon us, and calls us to a life of Christ service. 

We baptize infants because we acknowledge that God acts to claim the life of the child, long before we knew.  The parents and congregation affirm their own baptism and promise to nurture the faith of God’s little one.

We also baptize young people and adults who wish to promote their own growth in the Christian faith. 

We do not believe that baptism is necessary for salvation, but rather it’s an outward sign of an inward grace we been given by God.

Once a person is baptized in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, with their congregation present, there is no need to be baptized again.

The pastor and elders are available for instruction or for more information about baptism.